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Doctor Who

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where the City Meets the Sea?

January 9 2010

Road trips are always fun. My favourite part of any holiday is usually the traveling. Always loved it. Don’t know why, just have.
So I was “on my way…. On my way…. On my way…. On my way” ;)
My family stops way too many times. I swear to God my Mum is a leaking tap.
So in my boredom, I realised I had lost my mind. Completely lost my mind. I was imagining my hair connecting to the tails of the horses nearby like they do on Avatar…
I also realised that whenever I listen to a song, I link it to something and create a film clip in my mind so it tells a story relevant to me. I take ‘clips’ from moments with the person the song reminds me of, and piece them all together so it makes sense. If I can’t do it with real life, I do it with Torchwood or Doctor Who. I have some neat idea’s for fan video’s now.
Dad pulled over on the mountain to check his breaks… In my own boredom, once again, I entertained myself – and this time others. I started doing the gratitude dance on the side of the road. Cars honked and flashed their lights. It was rather amusing.

Then we arrived, and to be honest, things turned to crap. I had had reception the whole car trip apart from the mountain, then the minute we get out to Murramurang, I have no reception what so ever… Murrumurang had a net connection, and it is unsecured… But it just doesn’t work… It’s weird… So I paid for net connection [which, by the way, is 9.90 for 2 hours] and it still wouldn’t work… So I got a refund, and I am STRANDED.

This is going to officially be the worst holiday ever. This whole resort fails. Epically.

Over and out xx

January 10 2010

Day two, and we ALL want to go home… This place is horrible, and we all agree. I still don’t understand why Mum and Dad booked it without checking it out properly – then again, you’re not actually allowed inside the cabins beforehand, and it looked okay from the outside. But no. There’s jack shit power points, no phone reception other than Telstra Next G, no internet reception seeing as it WON’T WORK. The kettle doesn’t work. The fridge is a fail temperature. The water is murky. They charge you for filtered water [so thank God we brought our own filter]… Oh yeah, and I wake up to find that they charged Dad for this years rates even though last year they were saying they were booking us for last years rates, as that’s when we booked. Like… They could have said the rates were changing? It’s bullSHIT. And just to top it off, there’s ants EVERYWHERE. Not to mention the sewerage smell… Though I guess we will live.

I’ve wasted my day shopping [getting phone reception] and making a Torchwood fan video for Jack/Ianto. I then proceeded to watch COE with Mum. S’pose things aren’t ALL bad if you just focus on the fact that in the end, I am doing a little of what I enjoy; sad really.

So I end by saying – Optimism is usually the key, and I am trying to find my optimistic side that seems to have been buried with sarcasm.

Over and out xx

January 11 2010

Day three, and I suppose I am settling down to a life of isolation from friends. It’s depressing, but it’s becoming bearable as I engross myself in books and writing and Torchwood. But really, what I would do to be able to log on MSN and chat to Jess and Cait, or sign on Facebook and see Braden’s nonsensical posts. To log onto roleplay and hook Gabby and the Doctor up, and have Gwen and Jack have sex. To catch up with all my youtube favourites, and even post my own. To be able to walk a few blocks and lounge around in Jess and Cait’s loungeroom. To be able to jump in Dan or Pete’s car and go absolutely nowhere. To have a God damn hug…
But I’m getting there; though day 3 feels more like day 5.

I’m yet to walk down to the beach, or hang out by the pool, or check out the arcade. I’m not much of a people person, and to be honest, they’re all skinny, and I’m so far from it. I’ll get around to going out there some time – might even after I write this.

So I did go for a walk around the beach – I thought too much, as always. Haha. Typical me.

We had a blackout just before dinner, meaning Dad had to cook on the gas oven and by torchlight… We also discovered there was no sharp knife and no cheese grater. We sat down for dinner, looked at the mutilated chicken pieces and the finely chopped cheese and the half chopped lettuce, and all we could do was laugh. I suppose that’s what you do when things are shit – make light of the situation and hope for the best. Not much else you can do, really. It was quite funny, tbh. Maybe my optimism is shining through after all.

Over and out xx

January 13 2010

I never thought I’d feel invisible in such an enclosed environment where I am forced to spend time with my family. A small part of me had felt that perhaps I chose the invisibility as a form of shelter, even though it was lonely. Now I know it’s not a figment of my imagination.

The kangaroo’s like the smell of our dinners… One tried to join us yesterday. And the possums come once dark falls. Steven and Dad seem quite obsessed with those possums, tbh…

Over and out xx

January 14, 2010

I am thoroughly sick of being eaten alive by mosquito’s. I am tired of being so far away from town. I am tired of the monotonous routine of driving for 15minutes in to town every day to pop into coles, then another 15 to come back. I am tired of doing absolutely nothing because I don’t like pools or bikes or scooters or beaches. I am tired of listening to everyone complain, yet the only place I complain is right here in my log. And I am tired of listening to all the little kids chattering away alllllll the time!

Over. And. Fecking. Out.

January 17, 2010

On Friday, Jess, Camo, Cait and Jess came down. Couldn’t catch up with them though, because Camo was tired.
Though yesterday, I went to Camo’s Grandparents place. We walked along the beach, had hot chips for lunch, Camo went for a run and me and Cait watched and talked while Jess and Jess went for a swim in the ocean :D
Then it started storming so we went and watched Hot Fuzz, had dinner, talked about nothing for ages, and then started the journey back to the resort.
Oh, but that’s where it got gooooood.
Just before the turn off to Murramurang, there was road blockages. The cop on site asked us where we were going, and we told him the Murramurang Resort. He was like “Yep, follow the detour around and go through Durras which is on the other side of the detour”
We were like “Yep, okay” and we drove onto this dirt road… Me, Jess and Cait were all like “Omg, reminds us of Torchwood.” And we were discussing how it’s like a mix between the episode Countrycide from series 1 and Meat from series 2. We were saying that the cop was a cannibal and we were being lead to the cannibal town, and that the crash was no ordinary crash, but infact involved aliens.
So we followed this dirt track for AGES. Like, literally over half an hour. We were way past Murramurang and Durras. We finally came out the other side and continued along the highway. We were passing signs we had never seen before, but we were looking for a way into Durras. We passed this beautiful green field… In the distance was an old English looking house just like where they were going to camp on the Countrycide episode of Torchwood. We were sorta like O_O now. Cait and Jess were shitting themselves. Me and Jikki thought it was hilarious, and Camo was concentrating on driving.
We realised we had gone WAY too far, so Camo turned around just before Ullaulla and we went back to the police blockage on this side. As we were driving back, Camo goes “Is it just my imagination, or are we driving through fog?” We looked down at the road, and there was a thin layer of fog on the road. THAT was creepy.
So we got back to the police, told him where we were going. He told us to go through the detour and go through that side. We told him we’d already been along the detour because the police on the other side had told us to. This cop told us to go back through the detour and tell them to let us through that side because the turn off for Murramurang was only a little bit ahead. So we did. Travelled back along that massive dirt road now in the dark. We’d begun thinking up different theories as to what was happening. Like we would slip through a time rift and end up back home 3 years later, rather than the two hours it had actually been. We were talking about what everyone’s reactions would be and how they would cope with it and such. We got to the other side, told them where we were headed, and they let us straight through. Thanks, coulda done that the first time.
When I got home it was roughly 9:30, and we had left Camo’s at about 7:30. A usual 40-ish minute drive took 2 hours.
Fun night. And I can safely say it has not been three years.

Over and out xx

January 21, 2010

Home sweet home!
Now to catch up online, post this, and post my video’s. Enjoy!