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Doctor Who

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust?

So, my day was interesting. Well, not really. I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Besides going to school, anyway.. And I hardly remember what I did at school I was that tired.. So rather than write a blog about today like I was going to, I Will write a blog about the past few days.

Right well.. Amongst all the lack of sleep, I've actually had a fair bit of fun.

On Monday, me and my friends Cait, Jess and Mel decided we wanted to make a sort of studio so we could film our own version of "Rove".. Well, something along those lines.. But we had no idea where to do it where we wouldn't be interrupted, and wouldn't have to pack up after ourselves every time. So we decided to clean out my brothers old Cubby House, decorate it, and turn it into our own studio/hangout place. It's not big, but it works so well.

So Monday afternoon, we got to work... De-weeding.. Didn't even touch the cubby house... Soooo many weeds we could hardly even reach the cubbby. So we started weeding.. However, we realised that my weed bin was completely full... So we left the weeds laying on the ground after we pulled them all out, and called it a days work.

Tuesday afternoon we walked to Mel's house and grabbed her weed bin and wheeled it around to mine. We piled all the weeds in and discovered that we had to pull more weeds out. We went inside for a break, and two carloads of my friends decided to show up. We hung for a bit, then decided we would go convoying around Wagga. Four cars, driving around until 11. It was great :D

Wednesday afternoon we cleaned out the cubby house. That included dusting, getting rid of cobwebs, sweeping and cleaning out the cupboard. He used that place for creating strange 'potions' with random 'ingredients', so you can just imagine the things we found. Bottles that looked like they had things living in them. Jars that smelt like literal shit. Containers with chunks of God knows what. We decided it would be fun to play the smelling game and pour them all out. We seriously found some interesting stuff.We then went through and sprayed bug spray EVERYWHERE. You should have seen the bugs that came out of that!
I also went for a drive to KFC that night... The chick who works there wasn't too impressed..

Now, we are looking for a new roof, carpet and a paint job!

We're making a progress video for youtube, so see us in a week or two there!