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Doctor Who

Monday, October 19, 2009

Does she ever stop?

Having a moment where I just can't stop rambling, so I thought, why not ramble some more?

I really hate it when people can't back up an argument. I will admit that I do this sometimes. Mostly when I am so angry I can't see sense, or when I am hurt, or when I am determined not to see reason - really, just give up when I am like that.But I seriously hate it when people do it ALL the time.. I mean.. If you're going to argue, make sure you know what you're saying, otherwise you sound stupid and hypocritical. You have the right to defend yourself, and voice your oppinion. Don't shut others down for doing the same. There is a difference between vocing your oppinion and fighting to make people see reason, and shooting down others oppinions and belittling them for expressing it. We have equal rights. Please, think about what you're saying before you say it.

I also hate humans. Dead set. I am one of them, and I am as bad as the rest. Whdo we fight to advance in technology? Why do we need the best of the best? Why do we need phones that can access internet, play music, make calls, and all the rest? Why do we need touch screen iPods? Why do we need a PS3, or a Nintendo Wii? The more technology advances, the more lazy people become. Children don't play the way they used to anymore. Instead, they sit infront of the computer playing games, or sit in their living room acting as though they can play guitar because they have Guitar Hero, rather than going out and ACTUALLY learning it. Yeah, I know. Ironic that I should be sitting infront of my laptop at the moment, with my iPod blaring music and my phone sitting next to me incase I recieve a text... But we live in a world where these things are sort of unavoidable. If I didn't have any of this, and didn't know of any of this, I wouldn't NEED any of this. I DON'T need any of this. It's the mere fact that it's there.I understand that the world needs to continue growing and advancing. It's the way it's always worked. But it really does worry me to think that one day a robot might live our lives, and we will miss out on the real things in life like grazed hands and knee's every day as a kid.. Going to school and meeting new people.. Going shopping just for the fun of it.. Falling in and out of teenage romances.. Connecting with nature.. All of it.. One day, I really believe it will all be gone... In the 16 years I've been alive, so much has changed.. It just gets faster and faster as small adjustments are made here and there.. And I want to be dead and gone before it gets out of control.

Why do people crave attention? Some people would drop on their hands and knees and let someone film them while someone fucks them, just to get famous. Some people would take their shirt off just for their moment of fame.What happened to getting famous based on REAL talent, and REAL things?People will lie to their friends just so people think that they are better than they really are. Exaggerate, and even make up stories just so people pay sympathy or express how lucky that person is.Suicide is a serious thing, and there are horrible, sick minded people who actually think it's okay to tell people they are going to kill themselves just to get attention. It's wrong, and there are people EVERYWHERE who do it. These people need to wake up to themselves. They can sit there and read up on symptoms of anxiety and stuff, and then act as though they have it and it's serious, making people work to their wishes, just to keep them happy, calm and safe... And it's all for nothing... While the people with real issues keep quiet because they don't WANT the attention that they NEED! WAKE UP TO YOURSELVES!

It really ticks me off when people act as though the world should work according to their needs. Everyone has a right to be just that small bit selfish, and do things for them. No one is expected to make the world happy, and be completely selfless. It's impossible to do. But the world does not revolve around one person. We are all merely small specs amongst billions, and it is groups in those billions that work their way to greatness. Look at the biger picture.

And don't even get me started on the media! That just GIVES people idea's.Jesus Christ...

I freaking love roleplay... But what is the point in sending me a roleplay starter in a place where my character would NEVER be? Or sending me a starter which tells me that obviously, my character wouldn't engage in conversation with yours, meaning I have nothing to reply with... And why would you even bother talking to my character if all you want to do is slag them off? And for crying out loud! Do something interesting! Roleplay is supposed to be different and fun! It's not there for simple, every day conversation. Where's the fun in sitting in a park taling about the weather, or sitting at Hogwarts catching up? Where's the fun in small talk, when you could be going on otherwise impossible adventures like travelling in time, or defeating dragons, or being taken to whole new worlds, and dicovering whole knew things. How can you even contemplate sitting in a classroom talking about every day things, when you could be exploring made up worlds and expanding your imagination!

Lastly.. I must say... Who the fuck stays up until 2:43am, online, writing a blog about absolutely nothing like this? Jesus, you sad sad woman. Get a life and get some sleep ;)